The Power of Home Summit

October 18th-22nd 


A five-day virtual event program for occupational therapists, physical therapists, contractors, rehabbers, architects, social workers, and any other professional or entrepreneur interested in keeping people happy, healthy, and thriving at home. 

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The Power of Home Summit was born out of the realization that we must do more to serve people of all abilities across the lifespan. The goal of our summit is threefold:

  • To empower occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals interested in taking a leap of faith in to a non-clinical career path.
  • To educate those in clinical roles on cutting edge products and services that may benefit the clients they serve.
  • To equip students and professionals with the language and knowledge needed to advocate for universal design principles.









What You'll Get with your registration

  • OT CEU Credits in All 50 states
  • Full access to our Summit and mini summit
  • Concrete, evidence based tips and tricks to support your clients
  • Extended access to our summit for up to three months
  • The opportunity to network and build your interdisciplinary team
  • The Opportunity to watch the summit at your own pace.
  • The opportunity to learn about how to launch your non-clinical career
  • A free guide (for students) on how to navigate the non-clinical side of OT from fieldwork and beyond
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Meet the Speakers:

Our summit speakers are joining us with a WEALTH of knowledge regarding the not-so-secret ways of helping to keep people in their homes for as long as possible. Research shows that older adults overwhelmingly would like to stay in their homes as they manage their twilight years. Research also shows that there is a major mismatch between that desire and the reality. Older adults are facing a lot of challenges. Less than 1% of homes in the US are wheelchair accessible, adults are living longer and with more chronic health conditions, and nearly 1 and 4 adults are falling every day. We at the Power of Home summit not only want to support the older adults in our lives, but also those with and without disabilities who frankly, face way to many issues in an environment that is supposed to promote health, safety, well-being, and happiness. Whether it's a pregnant mom worried about crossing the tub threshold, or a 85-year-old gentleman who'd like to fetch his mail each morning, our homes should support our wants and needs. We've curated a group of professionals who will help educate us on how to do that. 

Maegan Blau

Owner of Blue Copper Designs

 “Wait, I can have BOTH!? Beautiful AND Adaptive Spaces."

Louis Tenenbaum

Founder of HomesRenewed

"Changing Policy To Facilitate Aging-in- Place"

Reina Olivera

Owner of Telehealth OT Services

 “Utilizing Telehealth to Keep People Safe at Home”


Dr. Rosemarie Rossetti

Universal Design Specialist

“From Ordinary to Extraordinary- Living In A Home With Deep Purpose ”

Melanie Maynor

Owner of Aging Gracefully

"Certified Care Managers, The Quarterback of the Home Team”

Tiffany Dill

Owner of BlueDay2

“Going Beyond ADA, Designing Beautiful and Funtional Homes”

Karen Koch

Owner of Functional Homes

"The Occupational Therapist Home Builder” 

Rj Adler

Director of Growth at Wheelpad

 “WheelPad, The Innovative Housing Solution on Wheels”

Gretchen Kingma

Owner of Empowered Homes

“OT to RE - Why Occupational Therapists Should Be In Real Estate”

Nick Machesney

Head of Product & Experience at Truehold

“Truehold - An Innovative Approach to Aging-in-Place”

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Meet the minds behind The Power of Home 

Gretchen Kingma

Realtor, ECHM, CAPS, OTR/L

An occupational therapist by trade, Gretchen is the founder and owner of Empowered Homes, LLC., a business that acts as an engine of advocacy and change. Empowered Homes operates under three pillars: real estate, education, and consultation.
Chelsia Bradley

Occupational Therapy Student

Chelsia joined the Empowered Homes team as an occupational therapy fieldwork student in the summer of 2021. She is on track to graduate this fall, and she plans to work alongside Gretchen to disrupt the inaccessible housing market as it stands. 

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The Facts


The Bottomline

  • 76% of adults over 50 would like to stay in their homes as they age.
  • The number of adults over 65 is projected to jump from 52 million (2018) to 95 million (2060)
  • The average monthly cost of assisted living is $3,750.
  • At least 70% of those 45 and older, own their homes.
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Why should I attend?

As a business owner, healthcare professional, rehabber, builder, designer, you name it…why should I care about aging in place, universal design, and even your summit? 
Well. Aside from the moral and ethical responsibility many of us may feel about reducing falls, encouraging accessibility, and promoting independence in our communities, numbers tell us that if we shift our focus to incorporating these accessibility principles in to our products, our marketing pool becomes ginormous. 
These are the facts: older adults WANT to stay in their homes. As we age, we’re more likely to OWN our homes. universal design serves EVERYONE. it’s cheaper to make modifications than to pay to live in assisted living facilities. Home modifications are worth the investment.
It’s one thing to know the facts, it’s another to understand how and who to market these things to with your product in mind. At the power of home, we equip you with the language needed to tell consumers why they should choose you over the other guy or gal. Not only does the summit intend to educate you on universal design, accessibility, and aging place, but it is our hope that you use that knowledge to inform your business to better serve customers in need, and increase your bottom line. We understand, you have to feed your family. 
People need our help, and they want to support businesses that understand what they need and why. So, whether you’re an occupational therapist interested in home mods, a social worker interested in geriatric care management, a rehabber interested in flipping homes to be more accessible by more potential clients, or an interior designer interested in putting the design in universal design…this summit really is for you.

"Anyone can become disabled at any time, and I don’t say that to be negative—I say that to emphasize that elevating overall accessibility and giving those living with disabilities more comfort and freedom raises our society as a whole."

Maegan Blau

Founder of Blue Copper Designs

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Student Special

The Power of Home is an amazing student learning opportunity. Students registration is being offered at a steep discount. Use discount code, "STUDENT" to register.  

"People are rediscovering homes now as the ‘safe’ place. The time has come to offer programs that incentivize stakeholders, from builders to homeowners to home supply stores to prepare homes to serve their residents throughout their lifespan."

Louis Tenenbaum

Founder of HomesRenewed